To Sell Is Human – Daniel Pink

The science and art of selling has perhaps changed more in the last ten to fifteen years than it has through all of time. Daniel Pink’s latest book, “To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing and Influencing Others” covers this evolution and is well worth a read.

Pink is not a salesperson, so you don’t get the typical rah-rah, sales waffle that you often find in a sales book written by a sales person. Pink is a business and management author that has extensively studied motivation and psychology so he has some degree of objectivity.

Some of the key points in the book are:

  1. We Are All in Sales – this has never been more true that it is now. while 1 in 9 people in the workforce are involved in traditional sales, the other 8 in 9 are engaged in non-sales selling and influencing others which consumes a significant percentage of work time.
  2. Caveat Venditor – buyers have access to so much information and choice that honesty, fairness and transparency now rules sales over old school sales tricks and manipulations.
  3. New Science of Selling – Pink proposes a new model for success in sales which involves creating meaningful connections and providing service.
  4. The Value of Purpose – Pink shows how people don’t have to sell-out to out- sell.

Whilst we did not agree with everything in the book, if you sell or manage sales it is a worthwhile addition to your library.

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