Think Before You Quit

Most people have had times where they’ve hated their job, it’s normal when the balance of what we like to do and we don’t like to dois loaded the wrong way. Sales and Business Development are high pressure roles. Tough times can definitely take their toll. Long hours, getting stuck in airports and at train stations missing special occasions, managing difficult clients, months of work nearing a close and then falling at the finish line. Throwing in the towel and walking can be hugely tempting. There are reasons you shouldn’t throw your toys out of the cot, why you should plan your resignation.

Firstly, you’re going to need references. It’s the ‘due diligence’ your next employer will do and its certainly something we do for our clients. It’s key to making sure the fit is going to be right. You can be sure leaving on bad terms won’t contribute to your career success.We don’t rely on written references, calls are much more informative. You can tell a lot from tone of voice and the way someone talks about a former colleague. If you left that person with a huge mess to clean up you can be sure what they say isn’t going to do you any favours. Secondly,your network is a valuable asset. You’ve worked hard to build your client base, they’ve trusted you and bought the solutions you’ve sold them.Sudden departures make everyone nervous. While you’ll be able to pre-warn your closest clients, others who are allocated a new account manager with no warning are going to get nervous. Your relationships are put at risk. Last but not least job candidates present better when they aren’t stressed about finances and still have the confidence that comes with being in circulation. Employed candidates generally spend their time evaluating the employer as much as the employer is evaluating them which leads to a much better match. They’re also in a much stronger position when negotiating benefits, salary and perks as there’s an existing benchmark. Finding senior professionals the right opportunity doesn’t happen overnight.

Before you think about writing your resignation letter you need to lay the foundations for a new direction. If you’re looking at another Sales role, thats where we come in.


Working With Kingman Lennox

Senior Sales and Business Development Professionals are thin on the ground and highly valued.There are always businesses willing to pay very well for good people with experience and proven results. Filling those highly paid vacancies is a preoccupation for most recruiters. Trying to find people who match a clients list. Persuading them that the opportunity is perfect for them, that the benefits for moving are stronger than the benefits of staying where they are. Our chosen strategy is to also focus on filling roles our clients don’t know they need yet.


We Meet You 

You’ll have your reasons for wanting to leave your job. We need to know what they are if we’re going to find you an opportunity thats right for you. It’s certainly one of the first questions clients ask us when we’re organising introductions. Their reasons are the same as ours, they want to know if their business will keep you motivated.


We Profile You

We’ll have your experience and skills from your CV. We’ll also profile what drives you, the environments you’ll excel in, the type of team you’ll thrive in or want to lead. We then review our clients and see which businesses could use what you have to offer. Even if they don’t know it yet.


We Set Up Some Conversations 

We know our clients businesses intimately. We know their cultures, their challenges, and the characters and personality’s which lead those businesses. We arrange some introductions, see what you think of each other.


We Work on Creating An Opportunity 

If you meet a business we’ve already worked out there is definite potential you’re going to be good for each other. The majority of our introductions result in the client asking us to work on a job spec and offer.


Resigning the right Way

Review Your Contract

Non Solicitation / Non Compete clauses in contracts are common for Sales people. Know what yours are – you need to let employers know. Also, find out the company’s reference policy to see what information will be disclosed to a prospective employer. Review garden leave, untaken holiday – avoid any nasty surprises.


Prepare A Handover Doc

We’d always advise doing this before you have the meeting. You can never know what the response will be to your resignation especially if you’re the main revenue driver. If they escort you off the property immediately there will still be clients and colleagues who need to deal with the fall out. Shows integrity to be organised and ensure your business is taken care of.


Time Your Meeting

Never send an email. Make an appointment and formally resign. Don’t let your boss be the last to know it’s bad manners, even if you think the intellect of a ground squirrel is more superior. Be direct and positive. Offer any help you can to make the transition easy. The thought of the disruption your departure will cause is your bosses main worry. After the meeting put your resignation letter in. Friday afternoon is perfect. The weekend gives people time to calm down and process.


Keep Your Head Down

Do what you’re still required to do for your job. Don’t get involved in any conversations about your resignation with other employees.Why you’re leaving is your business. Have some compassion for the ones left behind


Meet Mark Gillanders

If you’re thinking about leaving your job we’ve got some dynamic clients in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh with growing businesses who are looking for great sales people.


How to arrange a meeting

Mobile – Call me on 01224 900147

Email –  Put ‘Meet Mark’ in the subject line so it reaches my priority box

Twitter – Kingman Lennox use #meetmark

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