Sales and Business Development Candidates

At Kingman Lennox we pride ourselves on providing a truly exceptional level of service to our candidates. We consider ourselves more than simply an ‘agency’, indeed we’d like you to consider us as your recruitment ‘partner’ working closely with you to find you the perfect next move in your sales career.

Because our people have enjoyed successful careers in sales and business development themselves we can inherently relate to your specific circumstances and needs. Moreover our experience in sales and management combined with our market knowledge and recruitment expertise ideally positions us to provide you with genuine counsel on developing your career and securing that perfect job.

The first step is to get in touch with us. Ideally we would like to meet with you in person but if this isn’t practical we can arrange to have a telephone conversation or skype call.


How We Work

We work together

We will seek to understand your requirements and ascertain what you are looking for in your next sales or business development role.
We will decide together what the best course of action is and how we can help you secure a role that not only meets your needs now but that is also strategically sound in terms of developing your career.

Searching for the right role

Naturally we have many existing clients that have current vacancies and are actively seeking to recruit sales and business development professionals. If any of these ‘live’ vacancies are a good fit for you, great - we can get the ball rolling.

However what really sets us apart from everyone else is that we will work with you on a proactive basis to find your ideal next move. Taking into consideration your experience and aspirations, as well as the dynamics within the market we’ll work with you to put together a list of target companies and then we’ll put our expertise and contacts to good use on your behalf to find vacancies for you, including roles with companies that are not necessarily actively recruiting.


Before we put you forward for interview for any role we will make sure you are fully prepared and have in-depth knowledge of the company, the role and their expectations of you, along with any other insights that we can provide. This level of candidate preparation is another way in which Kingman Lennox differentiates and is also a key reason that our ratio of interview to placement is incredibly high. Simply put, you won’t be going to an interview unless you’ve got a good chance.

The Interview

We will keep you up-to-date at all times and give you the appropriate feedback.

The Offer

Once you have been offered the role, we can accept the offer on your behalf, arrange contract details to be sent out, advise you on resigning, negotiation of salary, start dates and any other issues. After helping you secure your ideal role, we’ll keep in touch with you, as hopefully at some future point you’ll want to use our services as a client.

What We Won’t Do:

• We won’t simply bombard you with roles that are not right for you and not what you have asked for
• We absolutely will not send your CV to any clients without your explicit permission
• We won’t register you just to ignore your calls and never contact you again
• We won’t just tell you what you want to hear... we’ll be straight with you at all times

If this sounds like a refreshing change and is of interest to you, then contact us