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Many, if not most, recruiters will say that candidates are their life-blood, therefore it’s extraordinary just how often we hear complaints from candidates about the very poor level of service they have received from other recruitment agencies.

At Kingman Lennox we pride ourselves on providing a truly exceptional level of service to our candidates.  We place genuine value on each and every candidate relationship and aim to build a relationship that lasts throughout your career.

With that in mind we have pulled together a basic guideline to follow to ensure that you get the most from your relationship with Kingman Lennox, and therefore ensure that we are advising you on the best opportunities and opening doors with prospective employers.

Meet your consultant face to face

We can get a lot from your CV, but taking the time to talk through your profile can be the difference between securing an interview or not. Ask yourself, does my consultant really understand me, my capabilities and more importantly what am I looking for?

Having met you, your consultant will also be better placed to present other opportunities to you because they will have a greater understanding of you and your skills.  You may also receive more constructive advice on how to present your CV, further increasing the likelihood of securing an interview.

A face to face meeting involves an investment of not only your time but also that of your consultant, and should form the basis of a partnership which will ultimately lead to a better all-round experience.  At the end of your meeting, you should have the foundation of a good partnership, a plan of action and also know what you can expect from us moving forward.

CV submission

We see many CV’s – and are experts at helping our candidates to craft a CV that positions themselves in the most compelling way.

We encourage our candidates to have an open mind in terms of feedback on their CV and to work  closely with their consultant to ensure that their CV is the best that it can possibly be.

Interview preparation

The service you receive from your consultant doesn’t end when you get a client interview, they will also help you prepare for your interview by giving you a detailed brief on the the company, the culture, the people and of course what they are looking for in a candidate.

If you feel under prepared, then you probably are. Ask your consultant for help, further guidance and even role play, for example going through competency based questions and preparing answers to typically difficult questions.

Post interview

At the conclusion of the interview, and after your consultant has taken a brief on how you feel it went, frustration can again start to creep in, particularly if the process gaps out. Again your consultant will aim to  maintain regular contact with you, and also keep the client informed of any developments from your end.

Having taken the time out to attend an interview you have the reasonable expectation of receiving detailed feedback, whether it be good or bad. Don’t be afraid to push back if you want more clarity on any points or indeed any kind of feedback.

If you have laid the foundations of a true partnership with your consultant at the onset then you will be well on your way to securing your ideal next career move.

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