Hope is not a strategy!

I recall reading the book “Hope is not a strategy” by Rick Page a few years back – a decent read for those in complex sales environments looking for some ideas on effective structure. Anyway, whilst that book is about sales strategy rather than sales recruitment, the fundamental principle is undoubtedly the same – to ensure success you need to have an effective and repeatable structure based upon sound reason.

So, whilst hope is good when playing the lottery, it’s not ok to simply hope that you hire the right salesperson. It’s far too important a decision for that!


Which approach do you take to hiring sales talent?

Hope Science
Assess talent based on appeal and looks Assess based on capability
Ask about previous job Conduct a thorough career investigation, including detailed reference checks
Ask about what they can bring to your company Research what success they have experienced in previous roles
Make up interview questions as you go along – ‘winging it’ Create a standard interview script to objectively assess all candidates
Select candidates for interview based on the best of who is available Proactively seek out the best candidates
Recruit the best of the bunch Recruit only once you have found someone who is certain to become a consistent contributor


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