5 Benefits of Partnering with a Specialist Sales Recruitment Agency for Your Next Sales Hire

A high-quality sales recruitment agency will greatly reduce your risk of a mis-hire, improve your time to hire and provide you access to passive sales talent.  Here are five customer-backed reasons to work with us:

#1 Dramatically Reduce Risk of a Mis-Hire

Even poor and average sales performers are likely to interview well, and it can be tough to figure out who just talks a good game versus those who can really deliver.  Our team are from sales management and sales consulting backgrounds, with deep expertise in effective sales process, practices and how to identify top sales talent.

#2 Cut Your Time-To-Hire 

Working with a specialist means that all the heavy lifting will be done for you.  Candidates will be robustly qualified and only those capable of delivering in your environment will be put forward.  This will save endless time in screening and interviewing unsuitable candidates.  Working with us can help to reduce your time to hire by up to 80%

#3 Get Exclusive Access to Top Talent

Finding sales talent is hard – we know because that’s what we do every day.  We dig deep to uncover the top performers.  Whether that’s from your competitors people or candidates from outside your industry, our targeted search finds the hidden talent you’ll want to hire.

#4 Gain Market Insights

Doing a deep dive and talking to the sales professionals in your market enables us to provide insight into how your company is perceived, how you are perceived as a potential employer and what are seen as your relative competitive strengths and weaknesses.


We tend to work on a fixed fee basis, removing the potential bias towards positioning the most expensive candidates, or to focus purely on getting the best deal for the candidate.  When you fully leverage our unbiased and experienced perspective, you and your candidate will have a more satisfying negotiation experience.

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