“Sorry, we don’t work with recruitment consultancies!”

Strictly No Agencies

“Sorry, we don’t work with recruitment consultancies, our HR Dept handles recruitment for all sales positions.”

“Ah, ok, and are you happy with the candidates they deliver?”

“Yeah, pretty much. They usually manage to find me a few good candidates.”

“Ok, that’s good.  I’m curious though, what is your average tenure for new sales people?”

“We usually work on the basis that one in three will make it through the first year?”

“Why only one in three?”

“We find they are just not able to cut it in our highly competitive market.”

“Surely that’s a huge cost to your business in recruitment costs, onboarding and salary…not to mention the cost of lost opportunities?”


“What if I told you we could massively de-risk your sales hiring.  Over 95% of the candidates that we place are still with their employer at the 12-month mark.”

“I’d say, ok let’s talk!”

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