Poor Positioning – Should You Care?

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Here’s why recruitment agencies need to be able to position their business effectively, and why that should be important to clients looking to hire top sales professionals.

Top sales performers are hard to find and even more difficult to attract and recruit.  So it’s fairly critical to a successful assignment that your recruitment partner is able to position your role in an effective and compelling way with these in-demand professionals.  Sound logical?

Right, so if they can’t position their own business effectively (that presumably they understand very well), then what chance is there that they can position your company and role with busy, in-demand ‘A Players’ who are focussed on landing their next deal?  Not much I’d say, which is one reason why invariably you’ll get CV’s of poor and average performers from these agencies.

Conclusion:  If your recruitment partner does not understand the importance of positioning they are going to struggle to engage the cream of the crop – and you are going to be seriously disadvantaged by working with them.

Here are some recent examples I’ve seen on LinkedIn of ‘positioning’ by recruitment agencies:

     “We specialise in IT, Commercial, Finance, HSEQ, HR…… across a range of sectors including……..”

I’m not sure that the word ‘specialise’ is appropriate here, is it?

     “Our understanding of the employment market positions us as the recruitment experts”

What exactly is this saying?  Isn’t this just a basic pre-requisite?

     “We have the largest black book in the business”

Not sure where to start with this one… is this still 1984?


I don’t suppose this article is going to make me very popular with some of my recruiter connections!

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