Oil & Gas Service Sector Must Drive New Sales To Survive & Flourish

With pressures from the current low oil price continuing to bite, costs can only be cut so much, but to move forward and emerge stronger Oil and Gas service companies need to improve their sales performance.

Many businesses across the oil & gas sector are struggling with order books that are worryingly sparse.  However, the current climate is also creating opportunities for smaller, more nimble organisations that can adapt and innovate more rapidly to changing market dynamics.

Driving organic growth by focussing on growing market share in the current downturn has been the essence of many conversations that we have had with clients in the oil & gas sector over the past few months.

For many of these organisations they have been accustomed to operating in a market where demand has been high, and where they have not had to fight (very hard) to grow their sales pipelines.  However the reality now, is that against a backdrop of a constricted market and tough competition the approach to sales needs to change if they are going to succeed in capturing a larger slice of the pie.

In short for many organisations they need to become much more sales focussed.

Re-assessing market opportunity, re-thinking sales strategy, challenging their current sales process & sales team effectiveness needs to be a priority.

For many of our clients and prospects, addressing these challenges by hiring sales & business development professionals with the requisite skills and experience has not been a realistic option.  In these cases we have been able to help by enabling them to access highly experienced professionals on a project, fixed-term or part-time basis through our Associate Network.

Kingman Lennox has a network of Associates with specific oil & gas sector experience, many of whom have been in key leadership and Director level roles.  Assignments undertaken have ranged from the strategic to the tactical, covering strategy and internationalising, through sales force effectiveness to leading key pursuits.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your sales challenges in complete confidence, and let’s look at how we might be able to assist you.

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