Why You Can’t Find a Great Sales Role

Online recruitment is a  numbers driven fickle, fickle world. How many of you have seen a position you’re well qualified for, registered, uploaded, ignored the ‘due to high number of applications’ message and ten minutes later got a call from an enthusiastic sounding recruiter? If you’re lucky you will have got through to an interview before your recruiter went on radio silence. Often, the optimistic chat about how good a candidate you are is the first and the last interaction you’ll have.  The reason you’re not getting great job opportunities isn’t you, it’s your job seeking strategy.

Large, generalist recruitment agencies deal with massive amounts of applications.  Inviting unfiltered candidates to upload CVs online has opened floodgates of data few businesses are prepared to deal with.  The solution is to focus on the candidates that represent the highest and fastest conversion potential based on the data in front of them. That conversion potential will dictate which job briefs get the attention. The candidates who have the experience and qualifications which match the clients brief and will be the easiest to sell in are the priority. This is the reason you’re not getting the attention you deserve and why you’re not getting quality opportunities put in front of you.

It’s time to rethink your strategy and look at a recruitment consultancy which specialises in Sales & Business Development Professionals.


Concentrated not Diluted Sales Recruitment

Six reasons why you need to look at Kingman Lennox for your next career move…


1. We Know Our Candidates 

Those of you who read the blog regularly will be sick of seeing ‘Meet Mark’. It’s not that I’m desperate for more friends. I firmly believe the success of our business is based on us knowing what drives people. That isn’t usually on a CV. People past 30 looking for another position are driven by something to rethink their position. It’s not necessarily about the money. More autonomy, more balance, more security, the thrill of establishing new business or increasing their authority. Our job is to identify what candidates are really looking for so we can deliver opportunities that are good for them.


2. Skilled Sales People in Scotland. 

We specialise in supplying seasoned sales people to businesses in Scotland. We don’t accept briefs for any other sector because we know what we enjoy and excel at. We have an intimate knowledge of what kind of skills and personalities are needed to help to drive revenue and we work hard to attract them. We respect and value our candidate relationships.  We work with professionals who have proved themselves in their fields. Without them we don’t have a business.


3. Our Consultants Have Sales Backgrounds

Our consultants all have a background in sales. Two reasons this is super important. First, we’re able to ask the right questions when meeting candidates, senior sales people shouldn’t have to explain what their job was about. Secondly we can challenge and help to shape the job specs we get from clients. We wont send candidates to interview for jobs which have unrealistic targets / deliverables. Our clients expectations have been managed.


4. Our Interview to Placement Rate is over 80% 

Often recruitment business list sales jobs but aren’t the only business tasked with finding the right person for it. If they don’t place a lot of sales people then they won’t have the relationships which will ensure their candidates get interviewed. Our client base is comprised of businesses which are starting or expanding sales teams. It’s in our interest to have strong relationships with these people because they recruit more than once.


5. We Believe in Servicing Candidates Not Just Clients

We appreciate our value to clients is based on our ability to get them outstanding candidates. To build relationships with sales professionals looking for opportunities we need to excel on service. We hold ourselves accountable to candidates. We answer calls and emails, we keep candidates in the loop and we hold our hands up if we fail to meet a deadline or a promise.


6. We List Opportunities But We Also Create Them

We’re always going to have briefs we need to service. There will always be businesses who need help to reach revenue targets and build relationships with buyers. We know we only have a short window with good sales candidates. We don’t have time to wait for an opportunity before they find one themselves so we have to create them. We know clients businesses inside out, we know what they’re going to need in 3 months and in 6 months. Conversations and introductions often lead to an earlier brief from clients based on the people they’ve met.


How to arrange a meeting

Call me on 01224 900147

Email – mg@kingmanlennox.com  Put ‘Meet Mark’ in the subject line so it reaches my priority box

Twitter – Kingman Lennox use #meetmark

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