Oil & Gas Sales Challenges and Solutions

Oil and Gas Sales

Having worked with clients in the Oil and Gas sector over the past 20 years I know the current ‘cycle’ is different to those we’ve experienced previously.  Businesses working across the supply chain are under considerable pressure and indeed many have had to implement cost cutting measures to ensure business continuity.  Even if your business is not directly servicing the oil and gas market, it’s possible you are still subject to the effects of the current market conditions.

With these conditions in mind, conversations with our clients and broader network over the past few months have centered around the need to compete more effectively to win business and grow market share.  This has highlighted that there is little doubt we are now in a new reality where anything but sales excellence simply is not going to cut it.  This typically raises a few questions:

  • You may well have developed a clear sales strategy and plan, but is it relevant under the current conditions?
  • Should you be looking to branch out from your traditional markets and geographies?
  • Are you generating the right type of opportunities?
  • Are you confident your sales function has the skills and experience to identify and convert opportunities?
  • Is your sales pipeline real?
  • Are your sales processes working for you – are they more than just a tick in the box for your QA certificate?

Asking yourself these questions and knowing the answers is one thing…. but having solutions and implementing them is quite another.

Sales excellence now, more than ever, needs to be at the top of your agenda, and accessing highly experienced business development professionals and leaders who have experience in solving these challenges may be what your business needs to survive and flourish.

Through our associate network, Kingman Lennox offers interim sales and sales consulting services delivered by highly experienced industry professionals with proven experience in:

  • Sales Transformation
  • Internationalisation
  • Sales Coaching and Leadership
  • Pipeline and Opportunity Development

I would welcome the opportunity to explore your sales challenges with you and identify whether we can provide support in helping drive your sales results.

If interested in finding out more get in touch with me directly on 01224 900147 or at mg@kingmanlennox.com

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