On-Demand Sales for the Oil & Gas Sector

Times are tough across the global oil and gas sector – you don’t need us to tell you that - it’s a reality that you are likely living every day.

It’s a reality of pressures on margins from customers, projects being deferred or cancelled, enquiries drying up and tough decisions on reducing costs and headcount.  However, costs can only be cut so much, but to move forward and emerge stronger you need to be growing market share. 

The question is have your sales people adapted to the new reality?  Considering these questions might help to provide an answer:

• Who are your competitors’ customers and how active are your sales people in these accounts?
• How much time are your sales people spending prospecting, opening new doors and uncovering new opportunities? What results are they getting?

• How much time are your sales people spending in the office or in unproductive meetings?
• Is the weekly sales meeting full of excuses about why the pipeline is weak or is it focused on positive actions to build the pipeline?
• What are your people doing to explore opportunities internationally?

Could An On-Demand Sales Service Be Right For Your Business?

Addressing the challenges of this market requires a different breed of sales professional - ‘A Players’ that are capable of challenging the status quo, uncovering customers’ real pains and creating value.  They need to be hunters – highly driven, motivated and highly skilled.

That’s exactly what we can offer you

We have an extensive network of sales professionals and leaders, with specific experience in the oil and gas sector, who can work with you to deliver the sales results you need.

Speed rapid deployment and vastly reduced ramp up time
Flexibility no minimum commitment, full-time, part time or project basis and ability to grow or shrink requirement as needed
Focus avoid unproductive time and gain greater sales focus
Skills access to a higher level of skills and experience than might otherwise be affordable on a full-time, permanent basis
ROI improve ROI through an absolute focus on building the pipeline and winning new opportunities
Cost no recruitment fees, ability to match needs to budget

Put us to the test – contact us to find out if one of our On-Demand Sales Professionals could be the solution to winning new business for your company. Click here for our contact form.

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