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With an amazing 80 million users worldwide LinkedIn is the largest online professional network today. So, if you don’t have a powerful presence on LinkedIn, you’re definitely missing great opportunities to connect and to grow your business.

LinkedIn can be a real goldmine for sales opportunities of used effectively – here are a few simple tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn.

Add those contacts!

Very straightforward – build up your list of contacts, whenever you get a new business contact add them on LinkedIn (don’t forget to also add your existing clients too). First it’s a good way to keep in touch, but secondly it gives you access to their network and potential introductions.

Map clients & identify potential business

Moving on the first point you can use LinkedIn to identify alternative opportunities within your existing and prospective client base; by looking through those connected to them you can identify other potential decision makers or even other business prospects who work with your current clients.

Ask for recommendations

A fantastic feature of LinkedIn is the opportunity to ask for recommendations, not only is this a great way of showcasing the great work you are doing, but it also adds to the reputation of your business (you can ask for recommendations on your company page too!), so remember ask for the recommendations and let your clients shout about how good you are!

Set up a company page

If you haven’t already, ensure you set up a company page – this is a great way to advertise your products and services online and it’s completely free. Invite clients to follow you and they can see when you add new products and services, also you can even ask them to recommend your products and services.

Join Group discussions

Get in there and join real world conversations that are happening – there are plenty of groups on LinkedIn especially around sales and marketing, join these groups and add to the conversations. Not only can this be a good way of identifying potential needs in your market (people often come on asking questions around their work and advice), you could even identify new business opportunities. Finally you could also become known for adding quality knowledge and a great contact point for advice or even a contact for when someone is looking to do business

These are just a few of the potential ways you could be using LinkedIn so get on it today and maximise your opportunities, identify new clients and stay a step ahead of your competition.

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