Successful sales people know opportunities don’t come to them.

They know they need to work hard to make their own success.  So why should job prospecting be any different from sales prospecting?  The only thing that’s changed is the narrative.  You’re not selling someone else’s product or service, you’re selling yourself now.  This applies to a high number of situations in today’s job market.  90% of employers will be on LinkedIn.

Change your outlook towards LinkedIn.  It’s so much more than just an online CV.  We’re not saying that bit isn’t important, so make sure it’s a reflection of YOUR achievements, and remove the text about what your previous employers’ mission statement is.  They’re not selling you, so stop selling them.

With over 670 million users globally (March 2020), LinkedIn is a goldmine for prospectors, and it’s no longer restricted to the sales prospector.

With the recent global outbreak of Covid-19, many more people are now working from home, the scale of which is unprecedented.  There are more people active on LinkedIn on a daily basis than ever before.  This is your hot new place to network and strike up relationships with people in companies who will hire you.

You might be asking yourself, what’s the point, no-one’s hiring at the moment.  That may be so, but when this all washes over, companies will have a huge demand for their products and services and re-employment will go through the roof.  Do you want to be reactive to that opportunity, or proactive?

The tactics in this course will arm you with the knowledge of how to use LinkedIn to position yourself as a proactive job seeker in the eyes of potential employers, allowing you to:

  • make new connections with potential employers
  • build awareness of your personal brand
  • build credibility
  • generate solid relationships with potential employers, and;
  • secure new employment!

Our course takes you through a proven process of building out your LinkedIn network with highly-targeted connections, leaving you with a relevant network of connections to engage with on a professional level.  We have left it to you to change the context from ‘sales prospects’ to ’employer prospects’.

The course was never intended to be a give-away, and so, under normal circumstances, there is an offer of one-to-one coaching that comes with the paid course.  Regrettably, we are unable to honour this offer of one-to-one coaching to delegates of the non-chargeable course. We hope you understand our reasons behind this.

Finally, this course has been made free to anyone who is currently un-employed, or working a period of notice.  This means that, unless you have paid for the course, it should not be used for any gain other than sourcing re-employment.  We know you won’t abuse the trust we place in you.

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