Can Your Website Damage Your Hiring?

How much does your company care about its online image? The Internet is full of tips helping job seekers craft an online persona that will aid their search, but the other side is largely ignored. Does your website attract or repel top talent?  What do star candidates see when they look your company up online?

Pretend that you’re the job seeker

Imagine you’re a rising star salesperson and you get a call from an agency that is handling a position for an engineering company and they want to consider you for the role.  The job sounds good, so before you hang up, you offer to send in an up-to-date CV and have every intention of doing so.  Then, while doing your due-diligence on the company, you come across their website.  It looks horrible, amateur and totally unprofessional How likely are you to send that CV now?  “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Think of top talent as customers

Your company (hopefully) always puts its best foot forward for new clients, and job candidates deserve the same consideration.  Even if your company doesn’t do much, if any, business online, if you have a website, it should be one that your proud of.  Your online brand is where future hires will establish most of their initial opinions about your company.  So make sure your site encourages the reaction you want.

“About us”

Candidates will go to your site to find out what kind of company you are, so make sure it leaves the impression that you want.  And this isn’t just about the words that you say.  Though it may seem trivial, an ugly, confusing website will make prospective employees think that your company culture is just that: ugly and confusing.

You probably won’t attract new candidates just because you have a nice website, but you definitely stand to lose some with a terrible site.  So take a look at your online presence and make sure that it’s one you’re proud of.

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